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Hisarlar Museum; Rumelihisarı, Yedikulehisarı ve Anadoluhisarı.

Rumeli Fortress: In 1452 to consolidate his control over the Bosphorus, Mehmet the Conqueror built Rumeli Fortress opposite the Anadolu Fortress. Having these two fortresses along the narrowest point of Bosphorus, the sultan stopped all the ship trading with Constantinople. At the end of the year, the city became weaker and their wheat stocks were almost finished. At this time Mehmet the Conqueror sieged the city.

Anadolu Fortress: The Anadolu fortress was built near the end of the 14 century by Sultan Beyazıt I. It was constructed on the narrowest point of the Bosphorus as a watchtower over the traffic in this strait in a record time of only 116 days. This was the first Ottoman attempt to conquer Istanbul.

Yedikule Fortress:Yedikule Zindanları is perhaps best known as the gigantic, ancient fortress that overshadows the southern European approaches to the city of Istanbul.  The history of the structure dates back to the fourth century, when Theodosius the Great constructed a triumphal arch there.  The gates of the arch were covered with gold plate, leading to its signature title as the Golden Gate of Byzantium.  Theodosius’s successor, Theodosius II, later built four of the fortress’ seven towers, incorporating these and the archway into the new city walls.  The final three towers were not built until after the fall of the Roman Empire, during the era of Mehmet the Conqueror.  Throughout the Ottoman period, the fortress was used for defensive purposes, as a prison, and as a place of execution.

Today, Yedikule Zindanları serves as a popular open-air museum and cultural events venue.  Its battlements contain impressive views of the city, while its rich and bone-chilling history offers a cultural adventure to any visitor.


It can be reached from Beşiktaş by buses.

Telephone: +90 212 263 53 05

Address: Yahyakemal street. No.42, 34470 Rumeli Fortress-Sarıyer/ISTANBUL

E-mail: hisarlarmuzesi@kultur.gov.tr

NOT: The information was taken from the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism


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