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Built by the most important architect of Ottoman times, Arhitect Sinan, this superb monument is Istanbul’s largest mosque complex. The mosque was built between 1550-1557 by Sultan Süleyman the Magneficent at the peak of the Ottoman Empire. On the long list of Sinan’s admired buildings, the Süleymaniye Mosque ranks among the top. The mosque crowns one of the Istanbul’s seven hills.

The Suleymaniye Mosque is part of a külliye consisting of a hospital, soup kitchen, hamam, library and medrese(religious school). It was the first mosque with four minarets. The rectangular outlay is similar to the Hagia Sophia but much more refined. The stained glass Windows next to the mihraba re among the oldest and most beautiful works of art in Istanbul’s history.

Different than other mosques, Süleymaniye has camel skin drums placed in its dome. You may not see them, but you can test the acoustics by stepping hard on the floor. Besides this, in order to gather the smoke coming from the oil lambs, architect Sinan built a ‘’ Smoke Room’’ above the gallery to the west. The sud gathered in this room was used to make ink fort he institutions around the building.


Can be reached with İETT buses and minibuses.

Address: Süleymaniye- Istanbul

NOTE: The information was taken from the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism


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